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September Online Auction Direct from UK Government Departments, Ex MoD, Fire & Rescue, National Contracts & Companies * NEW ITEMS ADDED DAILY *
Venue address
Honeypot Lane
Colsterworth, Lincolnshire
NG33 5LY
United Kingdom
September Online Auction Direct from UK Government Departments, Ex MoD, Fire & Rescue, National Contracts & Companies * NEW ITEMS ADDED DAILY *

Our Auctions include everything from Plant and Machinery, Land Rovers, Specialist Vehicles, Forklifts, ATV's, Trailers, Generators, Tools & Eqpt etc

Auction dates
Starts: Aug 25, 2023 04:00 PM BST
Ends from: Sep 07, 2023 10:30 AM BST
Auction currency
Accepted cards
We found 41 items matching your search
Primary Category
Item Type
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New Unissued US - Pro 5 Draw Tool Box on Wheels c/w Locking Bars
125 GBP
New Unissued Fore 1/2 inch Impact Wrench c/w Sockets etc
90 GBP
G S Boxer Tyre Fitting Machine c/w Accessories as shown
250 GBP
Unissued Vehicle Tool Kit Complete as Shown
40 GBP
British Army 5ft Field Office Map Table
60 GBP
British Army Kerosene Tilly Lamp
70 GBP
7 x Theatre Flood/Spot Lights c/w Fitting etc
50 GBP
1 x Stillage Tool Boxes, Grease Gun, BVs, Track Clamps etc
British Amy Vehicle Search Lamp c/w Bulb, Bracket, Lead plug
20 GBP
Mixed Tools, Tool Box etc
20 GBP
2 x Heavy Duty Tool Boxes
50 GBP
Airline C/W Gauge & Canvas Carry Bag
20 GBP
9 x New Unissued MoD Marker Lights
40 GBP
Unissued Wing Mirrors, Head Lamp Flash Filter etc
Unused Gazebo 2.4m x 2.4m Scotch guard Treated Polyester Fabric Assembly
40 GBP
3 x Red Cross Canvas Marker Panels
20 GBP
7 x Spades
Lot 288
40 GBP
5 x Very Nice Spare Fuse Holder Storage Boxes
10 GBP
British Army Francis Barker M88 Prismatic Compass in Mils, Unissued Condition
80 GBP
MoD Tents, Alloy Poles, Angles etc
70 GBP
2 x Unissued Acrow Props & Unissued Steel Tow Rope & D Shackles
50 GBP
60 x Pairs of Unissued NBC Mk2 Outer Gloves
30 GBP
Unissued Heavy Duty Tool Bag c/w Tools
50 GBP
Makita DES5030 Easy start chain saw 50cc with guard and chain from MoD
125 GBP
King Dick 3/4 in Ratchet, Extension and 3/4 in Socket from MoD
30 GBP
Force CRV 3/4 in Bar and Sockets
40 GBP
1 x Stillage of New Nuts/Bolts, Air Lines, Mirrors Spot Light etc
40 GBP
V.M Tool Box with Assorted Tools
30 GBP
2 x New Unissued 600mm 24inch Bolt Croppers
40 GBP
Set of 3 Woodmans Axes
20 GBP
1 x Stillage BV's , Cooking Pots, Tea Earn, Power cables etc
50 GBP
Makita DCS5030 Chain saw c/w chain and guard 50cc from UK MoD
100 GBP
Clansman Intelligent Battery Management Unit Model UK-IBMU-810 c/w Battery Tray
50 GBP